Elephant Poaching in Kenya - Elephants in Kenya have been one of the most heavily poached populations on the whole continent, especially in the Eastern National Parks like Tsavo. These parks are close to ports where poachers can easily kill elephants and smuggle the ivory out of the country and into the Chinese black market.  … Continue reading Kenya


Lion Research in Hwange - Hwange National Park is home to one of Africa’s largest and most successful lion conservation programs.  A large part of their success comes from the way researchers use radio collars and track how many times they venture outside the park’s boundaries.  Jane Hunt, a predator researcher in the park for … Continue reading Zimbabwe


Much More Than a Desert: Australia A Unique Variety - Few places on earth have enough space and climatic diversity for rainforests, coral reefs, deserts, and grasslands to survive.  Australia is an exception. Millions of years of evolution have developed a comprehensive diversity in both the biomes and wildlife.  To explore this variety, we spent … Continue reading Australia


Fragile Habitats: Indonesia A Biodiversity Hotspot - As the center of mammalian and marine biodiversity, Indonesia holds a special place in global ecology.  It was once a natural paradise, bursting with marine and terrestrial life of all kinds in every one of its 17,000 islands.  The surrounding sea was also an underwater eden, harboring more … Continue reading Indonesia

New Zealand

Wildlife Protection in Ancient Islands: New Zealand   Conservation in New Zealand - In its last remaining patches of intact forest and miles of pristine coastline, the remote islands of New Zealand shelter some of the animal kingdom’s most bizarre and endangered species as well as inspiring stories of conservation efforts.  Conservation challenges here are … Continue reading New Zealand


The KMP - The Kalahari Meerkat Project is easily one of the most comprehensive and successful wildlife studies on earth.  It was founded by Tim Clutton-Brock, an animal ecology professor at Cambridge University, and is run by a variety of scientists and volunteers, who are working to understand the meerkat’s unsolved mysteries. They have made … Continue reading Kalahari


Patagonia: The ends of the earth Although mostly formed by steppe and desert, Patagonia is home to an array of ecosystems, wildlife, and cultures.  This remote region has dramatic biodiversity, which includes Torres del Paine, a mountainous national park with a steppe ecosystem in Chile, and Tierra del Fuego, a Subantarctic forest-covered island at the … Continue reading Patagonia

United Kingdom

BTO:  Thetford, the historic capital of East Anglia and home of the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology), was the perfect place to explore conservation initiatives that protect Britain’s birds.  At their headquarters, CEO Andy Clements discussed the recent Atlas project, which has been a massive undertaking.  It demonstrated population fluctuations through maps that are easily … Continue reading United Kingdom